It's my Birthday! So have fun!

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I am a fangirl. Then, there's nothing happier than meeting your idol. And tonight will be a happy night. It's very special for me because I'll meet one of my precious idols since my tenage years. I'll meet Shane Filan in few hours.

As the lead singer of Westlife, I have known him since Westlife's first album and his voice caught in my memory. I know not only  all of Westlife's songs but also most of his solo songs. I grew up together with his voice. If I remember now, he gave me so much youthful happiness and so many beautiful youth memories. 

I am so excited and really grateful for this wonderful chance in my life. Let's see what crazy happiness may happen tonight. 

Really big thanks to my self for giving me special gift, the best birthday this year. Going older can never be this fun! 

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