First day in Japan: Spent the night at Haneda Airport

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Tokyo from the sky 

I arrived at Haneda International Airport at 10:10 pm on Wednesday December 4th 2014. Twelve hours flight didn't seem long enough for me to take a long sleep. The stupid or maybe smart (or both) game called Bejewelded helped me to spend almost all my time in my flight from San Fransisco to Tokyo. I think I fell a sleep just for 2-3 hours. My plan to read Amy Tan's Amazement of Valley was forgotten. Even, I forgot to go to the lavatory!

After got off the plane, I walked around 20 meters in the tunnel of 'elephant's nose' that connects the plane with the terminal building (if you know what I mean :D ). A very good looking guy or you can you an 'Ikemen' with a really brigth smile was standing there, said 'Arigatou gozaimashita' to all passengers. (Another job opportunity for ikemen. Ha ha)

The first thing I looked for in Haneda was the restroom. Then, I got another new experience in the matter of restroom! Actually, I heard it once from Mbak Minang that toilet in Japan's restroom was awesome. But now, I already felt it! It was super clean and the space was very convenient for me to make a move. The seat was warm. Nice! And when I started to do my stuff, the sound of water flowing just like a music was played. It was so funny and weird for my first time. Do you know that the sound is played to cover the real sound of our private work. So people don't need to worry if they want to produce a little noise in the restroom. :P

After finished the immigration process (Thanks God! It was just a short line), I officially entered Japan as a tourist. I went to baggage claim's place to take my luggages. To spend the night in Haneda airport is an excellent idea if you want to save more Yen to spend on another stuff. There are more that enough long chairs that comfy enough to lie down and relax. There were around 10 people including me there. I din't sleep at all and just continued playing game on my Ipad until the firt train came at 5:17 am. It was a long night, wasn't it?

And that was my first day in Japan! What about the next day? Read more about my travel in Japan in this blog. :)

It was already christmast season in December. Many beautful lamps like these almost everywhere at Haneda. 

I happened to make a selfie at Haneda. :P 


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